Jeff Reeves’s Strength in Numbers: 7 reasons why Trump’s promise of 4% GDP growth won’t happen in 2017

During the course of the campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly made a bombastic promise that America could return to 4% GDP growth under his leadership. During his inaugural address, he even went so far as to say “do not allow anyone to tell you it cannot be done” — a clear sign this wasn’t just a talking point but a realistic and achievable goal.

Well, it’s not.

In fact, as we near the end of 2017’s first quarter — nearly all of which was under the stewardship of Trump and Republicans in Congress — we’re looking at half that measure.

I won’t relitigate the specifics offered up by many economists who were skeptical of Trump’s growth claims — among them the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which said 4% growth “is nearly impossible to achieve over a sustained period.

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