The Margin: Latest Trump tweets are more flammable than inflammatory

President Donald Trump fires off tweets every few hours, on average. Whether you’re a fan or a detractor, given this particular Twitter account’s status and capacity to move both markets and public opinion, that can be a lot of must-read tweeting to keep up with.

There are websites, though, recording tweets from the 27.2 million–follower @realDonaldTrump account for posterity.

And then, for Trump backers preferring to wear their hearts on their sleeves (or sleevelesses), there are sites that elevate the posts to prêt-à-porter status. It’s T-shirts and baseball-style caps, for the most part, but also mugs and more. At Trumpstore2016, for example, his “Iran is playing with fire — they don’t appreciate how ‘kind’ President Obama was to them.

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