Tim Mullaney: The data show the ‘Trump bump’ is dead

You have to hand it to Maria Bartiromo: Unlike the markets, at least the Fox Business host didn’t laugh in Donald Trump’s face last week.

The 45th President of the United States sat down to tell Bartiromo the inside version of how he told Chinese President Xi Jinping over “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake” about his decision to bomb Iraq.

You read that right: Iraq.

“Syria,’’ Bartiromo said gently.

Yes, Syria, Trump responded gratefully enough, while assuring Bartiromo and other interlocutors that the U.S. wouldn’t put ground troops in Syria (it already has), that Hillary Clinton should be on trial about now for non-crimes of e-mail security, and how he still might fire FBI director James Comey, who’s investigating whether Trump’s team was really dumb (and treasonous) to hatch a pre-election disinformation campaign with Russian intelligence.

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