The Tell: Suspected Borussia Dortmund bomber and speculator was total ‘fool’: analysts

While there is much to be learned about the suspect who allegedly tried to blow up a bus carrying the Borussia Dortmund football team, it’s fair to say he may not be the savviest speculator.

Some would put it more bluntly. “He’s just a fool,” said Heino Ruland, of Ruland Research GmbH, which provides research on Germany and the eurozone, in a telephone interview on Friday. “If you’re just a middle income club, you will always struggle. It will never ever be a worthwhile investment.”

According to German prosecutors, the suspect in the April 11 attack, which left one player seriously injured, took out a loan eight days before buying 15,000 put options on the first and only listed football club BVB, +1.04% in the country.

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