The Moneyologist: The Moneyologist: My boyfriend wants to pay me $500 in rent — and live for free when I’ve paid my mortgage

Dear Moneyologist,

I read your column faithfully, and I hope that you can answer my question! I feel really awkward about asking it.

I own a house and have been scrimping and draining every investment you can think of in order to pay the mortgage as quickly as possible. I think I’ll have it paid off within two years if I continue to make the maximum payments.

My boyfriend, who is renting an apartment for $1,200 a month, is thinking of moving in with me. We talked about his paying “rent” in the amount of $500 per month, but now he’s wondering if he could do that only until the mortgage is paid (and then live here for free, paying his share of the utilities, of course).

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