You can make a decent living (and actually save money) in these American cities

You are where you live — at least, when it comes to your income and spending.

Virginia Beach, Va. is perhaps the cheapest place to live and save money when taking income, cost of living and the unemployment rate in that city into account, according to a study released this week by personal-finance site GoBankingRates. It was followed by San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Neb. and Arlington, Texas. The report analyzed the largest 60 cities in the U.S.

Virginia Beach had the highest median income ($66,634 per year) and a median home listing of $279,900. San Francisco was the worst city for saving money and had the highest median monthly rent at $4,500; it also had the highest average gas price ($3.16 per gallon) and median home listing ($1.2 million).

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