The Margin: Everyone wants to know what ‘covfefe’ is after Trump tweet

Twitter history may have been made in the wee hours of Wednesday.

A completely unknown “word” became an instant No. 1 trending topic, and that was the situation for several hours, all on the back of what was likely a typo for U.S. President Donald Trump. Up to that point, furor over Kathy Griffin posing in a photo shoot with a gruesome mock image of POTUS had been dominating the conversation.

This five-word tweet — “Despite the negative press covfefe” — was sent around midnight Eastern, and it remained there until roughly 6 a.m.:

And Trump himself, who would be hard-pressed to miss the Twitter TWTR, +1.10% mayhem he left in the wake of that late-night tweet replaced it with one in which he suggested everyone have fun trying to figure out what “covfefe” means:

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