MarketWatch Update: We want your feedback: Take a sneak peek at upcoming changes to Virtual Stock Exchange

In the tick-tock cadence of feedback we receive at MarketWatch, there’s this periodic refrain:

User review for MarketWatch Android app.

Well, Roper, we have good news for you.

MarketWatch is rebuilding Virtual Stock Exchange — or VSE. It’s a refresh of sorts for one of the best stock-market simulation games out there. In the next few months, we will be introducing an updated version of the game that is mobile-first, as well as more instructional and social.

If you’re not familiar with VSE, it is a big part of MarketWatch. More than 300,000 users turn to the exchange each month. At any given time, you’ll find more than 30,000 games in play, fueled primarily by a youthful audience — unseasoned high school and college students learning about investing for the first time.

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