MarketWatch First Take: No, Ivanka Trump is not the most powerful Jewish woman in America

Getty Images
America’s most powerful Jewish woman is the person pictured on the right.

CNN published some fake news Friday, and it did, in fact, concern the Trump family.

Here’s the headline: “Ivanka Trump: America’s most powerful Jewish woman.”

Um, no.

For one, how powerful is Ivanka? Yes, she is the daughter of the president, gets to meet world leaders, is a household name. She’s actually an unpaid “assistant to the president.” But as her disapproval to the U.S.’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accords shows, her influence over her father’s policies is limited.

If Ivanka Trump is ostensibly someone with a center-right worldview, she has hardly succeeded in pulling her father toward the middle on any issue, whether it’s the environment, immigration, budget or tax policy.

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