These states require the most (and least) money to attend public college

You may want to steer clear of the coasts if you want to live well and afford public college tuition.

In order to pay for higher education and cover the day-to-day necessities, the average household would have to earn $126,454 per year in Hawaii, the most expensive state on a list compiled by personal-finance site GoBankingRates.com. California households need to earn almost $106,700 a year and Massachusetts households require more than $96,000 per year. Indiana, Arkansas and Ohio required the least amount of money.

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GoBankingRates analyzed the price of in-state tuition and fees for public four-year schools, provided by College Board, and calculated the costs of living in each state to cover a mortgage, groceries, utilities, transportation and other expenses as well as potential splurges and savings using the 50-30-20 (necessities-discretionary items-savings) budgeting rule.

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