The Wall Street Journal: North Korea touts new antiship missiles after test-launch

SEOUL — North Korea said that a test launch of missiles that it conducted on Thursday was of a new type of antiship cruise missile that was “capable of striking any enemy group of battleships,” an apparent rebuttal to the U.S.’s deploying of multiple aircraft carriers in the waters around the Korean Peninsula.

The firing of the burst of missiles was the latest test-launch in a string of recent demonstrations of new capabilities by Pyongyang in the past two months, as leader Kim Jong Un seeks to threaten the U.S. homeland and its military bases overseas.

With its four most recent tests, the North has now claimed the ability to fire a nuclear-tipped missile farther than previously believed, to fire a missile from the back of a truck with virtually no warning time, to launch high-precision guided missiles and to be able to target enemy naval vessels.

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