What Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau (and Jerry Seinfeld) teach us about personal boundaries

In 1976, Fran Walfish saw Barbra Streisand at a screening of “A Star Is Born.” It was a moment she would not let pass her by.

She was, by her own description, Streisand’s No. 1 fan at the time. After the film, she ran to the front of the crowd, got very close to Streisand and did what millions of Streisand fans would be afraid to do: She asked if she could hug her. “She took a moment to scrutinize me from head to toe,” Walfish, now a Beverly Hills-based psychotherapist, recalls. “She shrugged her shoulders, opened her arms, and said, ‘Why not?’ Naturally, I held on longer and tighter than she held me!” Walfish, author of “The Self-Aware Parent,” has been thinking a lot about hugging this week.

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