Key Words: Polarization is killing political discourse, says notable ‘Never Trumper’

Twitter/St. Martin
Charlie Sykes was an unyielding “Never Trumper” during the primaries and beyond.

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes, talking during a Monday cable-news appearance about a Frank Bruni column in the New York Times on the lethal sharpening of barbs that has disfigured political debate, joined Bruni in lamenting that lack of healthy perspective:

‘[Of late] we don’t just disagree — we’re having a twilight struggle for civilization.’

Charlie Sykes

The headline on the Bruni column: “I’m OK — you’re poor evil.”

Said Sykes, joined on the MSNBC panel by fellow conservative Ben Shapiro, a Breitbart veteran, argued that the profit motive in the current environment elevates and celebrates bombast.

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