The New York Post: Chris Christie caught sunbathing on beach closed by budget standoff

Chris Christie enjoyed his own private beach on Sunday by soaking up the sun on a waterfront Jersey Shore park that was closed to the public because of a budget standoff between the governor and legislators in Trenton.

Photos taken by NJ Advance Media show the portly politician lounging on a chair at Island Beach State Park on Sunday while his family catches some sun and plays paddle ball in the sand.

Gov. Chris Christie and family soak up sun on state beach he closed to the public. @AndyMills_NJhttps://t.co/5NfFIv4IWXpic.twitter.com/nnWVxw5XT1

— Tony Dearing (@TonyDearing) July 2, 2017

We flew a plane over the Shore today and look who we found! https://t.co/CCvntR5Xj1

— Kevin Whitmer (@kevinwhitmer) July 2, 2017

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