Darrell Delamaide’s Political Capital: Macron strides global stage as mediator par excellence

If Emmanuel Macron were named Barack Obama, he would already have a Nobel Peace Prize just for his good intentions.

In a whirlwind weekend, the newly elected French president held a joint cabinet meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, entertained President Donald Trump at the prestigious Jules Vernes restaurant in the Eiffel Tower and reviewed the Bastille Day military parade with him, and then on Sunday hosted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the commemoration of France’s deportation of thousands of Jews at the Vel d’Hiv stadium in Paris in July 1942.

Particularly with his warmth toward Trump and Netanyahu, Macron defied the overwhelming opinion of French voters who intensely dislike the American president and who have a knee-jerk reaction in favor of the Palestinian cause and against Zionism, the historic movement to re-establish a Jewish state.

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