Jeff Reeves’s Strength in Numbers: These 7 highly taxed companies need Congress to finally act on tax reform

Memo to Republicans in Congress: It’s time to move on.

Your efforts to strip insurance away from millions of Americans — I mean, reform Obamacare — are only making you look bad. And I’m not talking about the “mean” plan that the House passed that shows how many in the GOP lack basic compassion for their fellow Americans, or the infighting that’s making your party look directionless and weak-willed.

Honestly, as an investor, I could care less about all that. What I really care about is what you promised months ago: comprehensive tax reform.

It wasn’t Trump’s “movement” that lifted stocks late last year, and it certainly hasn’t been the parliamentarian genius of Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan that have given stock markets hope thus far in 2017.

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