‘Property Brothers’ and reality TV are inspiring homeowners — but creating unrealistic expectations about budgets

Amy Sussman/AP Images for Chase
Jonathan and Drew Scott, hosts of ’Property Brothers,’ are two of the HGTV personalities who are educating a global audience of home buyers.

Here’s a new drinking game for HGTV fans, courtesy of Drew Scott, a real estate expert and one half of the set of twins who host the show “Property Brothers.” It epitomizes how television reality shows like this are changing the interiors of American homes. “Take a drink every time someone says ‘granite’ and ‘stainless steel,’” he suggests. “You’ll be drunk by the first commercial.”

Anyone who’s ever binge-watched the network, or “Property Brothers” specifically, knows there are some things, like granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances, that a lot of home buyers are looking for nowadays.

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