These wealthy parents spend $20,000 for summer camps so their kids can be ‘normal’

Campers who arrived this week at the International Riding Camp will spend up to six hours a day on horseback — more than any other riding camp in the country, the director says — and their parents will pay handsomely for the equestrian immersion. A full 10-week session there costs $20,000, and parents can also pay for extras like polo lessons ($250 for 90 minutes).

But Baltimore mom Emlyn Stancill likes sending her teen daughter to the costly camp in Greenfield, N.Y. for a surprising reason: the down-to-earth setting, complete with a musty-smelling (but attractive and clean, she noted) dorm. “I don’t want [her] to hang out all summer at a country club,” Stancill said of her daughter.

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