Americans’ new badge of honor: ‘I was blocked by a celebrity!’

Model Chrissy Teigen’s most popular tweet this month isn’t a snapshot of her daughter or a video of her musician husband John Legend serenading her. It’s a photo of President Donald Trump’s TWTR, -0.53% account.

On Tuesday, the television personality tweeted out a screenshot showing that she had been blocked from viewing Trump’s tweets. So far, Teigen’s post has been liked nearly 800,000 times and was retweeted by more than 200,000 accounts.

After 9 years of hating Donald J Trump, telling him “lol no one likes you” was the straw pic.twitter.com/MhZ6bXT1Dp

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) July 25, 2017

In recent months, other celebrities such as author Stephen King and Star Trek actress Marina Sirtis, as well as a host of other people have also reported being blocked by Trump on the social media platform.

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