The Moneyologist: This is one person you should never unfriend on Facebook…

Dear Moneyologist,

I am a newly established, sole-practitioner of public relations who just gained his first client, and this is a pretty big contract. The person who hired me is a Facebook FB, +1.18% friend. Should I “unfriend” her on Facebook now that we are in a professional relationship? Would establishing a LinkedIn relationship make more sense now?

Bob in California

Dear Bob,

Unfriending on Facebook is a dastardly business. For those at the receiving end, it’s like the five stages of grief: Shock, befuddlement, anger and a brief period of cyberstalking before acceptance. The ugly truth about unfriending is that — as long as you’re not the one being unfriended and you’ve given it careful thought before hitting the “unfriend” button — it’s also great fun.

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