The New York Post: Chris Christie confronts heckler at baseball game, doesn’t even spill his nachos

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got in the face of a Chicago Cubs fan in Milwaukee on Sunday — all while keeping an iron grip on his bowl of nachos.

Christie was walking down the aisle, snack in hand, when he was razzed by a Cubs fan, according to footage tweeted by WISN.

At #Cubs#Brewers game. #ChrisChristie was getting razzed by fans, so he got in the face of one of them. 5:30 on @WISN12Newspic.twitter.com/sx8euMgFy2

— Ben Hutchison (@BennyHutch) July 30, 2017

He got into a brief stare-off with the fan, faces about a foot apart, before Christie sarcastically told him: “You’re a big shot!”

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