NewsWatch: The stock market’s historically worst 2 months are dead ahead. Time to worry?


If stocks docilely follow the path dictated by history, the market will soon be charting a course for the two worst months of the year when equities typically underperform. But there are reasons to believe that any impending selloff may not be as cataclysmic as feared. See full story.

How everything changed for a craft beer brewer after it sold itself to MillerCoors

The owners of Terrapin Beer in Athens, Ga., saw craft beer’s big-money moment unfold around them. See full story.

Google is developing own technology behind Snapchat-like media content

Google is developing technology to let publishers create visual-oriented media content along the lines of Snapchat’s “Discover,” according to people familiar with the situation, upping the ante in a race among tech giants to dominate news dissemination on smartphones.

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