Need to Know: The hot commodity riding in Tesla’s slipstream — and how to bet on it

Oh-so-many traders have been bracing for a selloff, and now the S&P looks set for its biggest weekly setback in months.

It’s thanks in large part to North Korea fears that haven’t gone away yet. But this market was also way overdue for a daily drop of 1% or more — that’s the suggestion from this chart shared by DailyFX’s John Kicklighter:

With help from my intern Christian working the data, here is 30 years of $SPX and # of 1% or greater declines per yr pic.twitter.com/ZEPhakHWmi

— John Kicklighter (@JohnKicklighter) August 10, 2017

But it’s no time to be chicken, according to all sorts of pundits.

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