Key Words: Boorish tourists, this Croatian island doesn’t want you — and it’s far from alone in that

‘The idea isn’t to have so many people — the idea is to have fewer people who spend more money.’

Katia Zaninovic Dawnay

That’s a 57-year-old Hvar, Croatia, real-estate-industry worker named Katia Zaninovic Dawney telling the New York Times about her island’s frustration at being overrun by low-budget but highly sybaritic tourists.

The harborside club Carpe Diem on the Croatian island Hvar in a 2006 photograph.

It’s only the latest piece of evidence that residents of popular holiday destinations, even in regions whose economies depend on tourist dollars (or, in this case, kuna), are no longer interested in permitting their streets, plazas, clubs and beaches to be treated as anything-goes playgrounds.

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