Key Words: Some Confederate monuments are from the 19th century, and some are from the 20th

‘Let’s at least draw a line between the statues that were put up in the civil-rights era vs. the Civil War era.’

James Peterson, Lehigh University

That’s James Peterson, a professor of English at Lehigh University who also heads the Africana Studies program there, offering a measured rebuttal to those arguing that removing Confederate-era iconography from public display denies history, devalues heritage or even, as President Trump suggested via tweet, deprives the citizenry of municipal beauty.

Trump Today:President Trump defends Confederate statues and blasts fellow Republicans

New Orleans May Mitch Landrieu had trod similar territory months ago in a speech stating, in part, that what matters today is the message a monument to the Confederacy has on, for example, an African-American child as he or she walks past it each day.

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