The best time to go to the U.S. Open is before the tournament even starts

Imagine walking up to the fence of your local tennis courts and seeing almost every top 10 player in the world hitting with each other. That might seem like a “Field of Dreams”-like scenario that could only happen in the movies. But for tennis fans who walk the grounds of the U.S. Open the week before the tournament starts, it’s a reality.

As Ralph Gardner Jr. said so well in The Wall Street Journal, the qualifying rounds, which are played the week before the tournament starts, can be more enjoyable than the actual U.S. Open. Especially if you like watching world-class pros ranked around 150 in the world compete, if you like watching the top 10 players in the world practice up close — and if you don’t like huge crowds In the qualifying rounds, 128 men and 128 women compete for the final 32 spots in the main draw.

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