The Wall Street Journal: As Texas floodwaters recede, new health hazards emerge

As southeast Texans return to their flood-ravaged homes, local officials are warning about dangers associated with floodwaters, from alligators seeking higher ground to harmful bacteria floating from damaged septic systems.

The sheriff’s office in Fort Bend County, located in the Houston metropolitan area, has asked residents to leave reptiles, like alligators, found on their properties alone until the water recedes, saying they are simply looking for higher ground.

9 foot #gator pulled from home in Humble. Be careful when returning to flooded homes. There may be unwanted visitors. @abc13houstonpic.twitter.com/1X5ZGxz57w

— Chris Nocera (@13ProducerChris) September 1, 2017

“We have everything from snakes to alligators to fire ants,” said Lach Mullen, spokesperson for the Office of Emergency Management in Fort Bend County.

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