The Wall Street Journal: U.S.-backed forces seize old city in former ISIS capital Raqqa

U.S.-backed Syrian forces retook the old city of Raqqa, U.S. officials said Sunday, inching closer to fully capturing what was once the extremist group’s de facto capital used by militants to plan and stage attacks on the West.

With the recapture of the old city, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, backed by U.S. Special Forces on the ground, have taken about 60% of the city of Raqqa and are nearing some of the key infrastructure used by Islamic State that could provide important intelligence on the group. The forces are now less than a mile from Islamic State’s military barracks, religious courts and the main public square where the group declared its rule over Raqqa in 2014 and later conducted the public punishments that became the hallmark of its tyrannical rule.

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