In Matt Damon’s new film ‘Downsizing,’ money is no object

Imagine owning a mansion and having access to fine jewelry, Cuban cigars and a full slate of health-care and retirement benefits, all on a middle-class income.

The trade-off? You agree to shrink in size to five inches tall, taking up less space and saving the world from its overpopulation problem.

That’s the premise of the new Paramount VIAB, +0.26% film “Downsizing,” which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend and is directed by Alexander Payne. The story follows Paul (played by Matt Damon), an occupational therapist in Omaha whose “aw shucks,” well-mannered personality endears him to friends and colleagues, but hides his private financial struggles with his wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig).

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