Market Extra: Global stocks at all-time high and 3 other charts that show the return of upbeat investors

After weeks of cautious trade due to major hurricanes and North Korean threats, investors finally returned to their trading desks on Monday ready to take on more risk, sending stocks higher across the board and hammering traditional havens such as gold and the yen.

The upbeat trading mood came as the much-feared North Korean missile launch didn’t occur, with Pyongyang instead celebrating its founding day by recognizing the previous weekend’s success in testing a nuclear bomb.

Additionally, while Hurricane Irma battered parts of the Caribbean and Florida, the devastation wasn’t as bad as traders had expected.

“On a day that is largely devoid of any major economic releases of note, it is Kim Jong-Un who provides the unlikely source of bullish sentiment evident throughout global markets this morning,” said Joshua Mahony, market analyst at IG, in a note.

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