Beer Goggles: How ska-punk band Sublime brought 40-ounce Mexican lager to craft beer

What is Southern California’s more influential export: ska-punk band Sublime or craft beer?

Well, craft beer brewers weren’t putting Mexican-style lagers into 40-ounce bottles until the surviving members of Sublime asked them to.

A solid two decades of radio play have etched Sublime’s sun-scorched, joint-baked, taco-eating, wave-riding culture and its reggae-ska-punk soundtrack into the global consciousness. However, it was only after frontman Bradley Nowell died in 1996 that much of the world went back into the band’s archive and discovered their first album, 1992’s “40oz. to Freedom.”

Named after the considerable amount of 40-ounce beers that drummer Bud Gaugh says it took the band to make it through the recording process, the album was released on an independent label and reissued by MCA Records later.

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