Need to Know: ‘Dr Doom’ Faber says Trump is killing the dollar — and that’s why people are diving into bitcoin

In fairness, this week should already be over, given the excitement generated by “X-marks-the-spot” Apple and bitcoin-basher J.P. Morgan chief Jamie Dimon.

But North Korea may keep everyone awake, as it vows to sink Japan into the sea and turn the U.S. into “ashes and dust.” So far, safe-haven yen and gold haven’t blinked too much of an eye, as this market got a gutful of the communist country last week.

Onto another asset, and our call of the day from Marc “Dr Doom” Faber who says the hard-hit buck DXY, +0.00% could be in for a short-term boost of 4% to 5%, or perhaps “even more.

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