Move over, Bridezilla — this new bride is spooking the wedding industry

“Inner-envelopes don’t matter to me.”

To most people, that probably seems like an obvious sentiment, but Samantha Sannazzaro meant it as a declaration of independence of sorts. When we spoke earlier this year, Sannazzaro was in the midst of planning her October wedding and as anyone who has recently done the same knows, the wedding industrial complex — which generated more than $77 million in revenue in 2016, up from more than $65 million in 2012, according to research firm IBISWorld — can make a choice like nixing an extra envelope seem rebellious.

But instead of bowing to pressure, the 28-year-old realized that inner-envelopes — a second envelope that holds an invitation inside of the envelope with a printed address — as well as card boxes and a white dress, for that matter, weren’t important to her.

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