Beat the System: The $2.8 billion winners of Trump’s proposed tax cuts are his kids

Don’t call it “tax reform.” Just call it “Ivanka’s law.”

Donald Trump’s new tax plan would slash his family’s estate-tax bill by up to $2.8 billion — yes, billion — at a time when the federal budget is in deficit and Social Security and Medicare are hurtling toward financial crisis.

If that doesn’t tell you what’s really going on here, you’re not paying attention.

Trump’s proposed reforms would eliminate the 40% estate tax on those who inherit massive estates, along with the associated gift and generation-skipping taxes.

The president has claimed that his net worth — not counting the intangible “value” of his personal brand — is about $7 billion, meaning that under current law his five kids would have to share about $2.8 billion with the rest of the country upon his death assuming they are named the inheritors in his will.

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