In One Chart: Why men make more money on real estate than women

Single ladies don’t fare as well as single men — at least when it comes to real estate.

The homes of single men have appreciated in value more than the homes of single women, according to real-estate data firm RealtyTrac. Homes owned by single men are worth $63,921 more, on average, from the time of purchase to the present — a 33.4% return on the purchase price; meanwhile, single women’s homes have only appreciated an average of $53,809 since they bought them — a 30.7% return on the purchase price.

Single men’s homes have appreciated more than single women’s
Years owned Difference in home value between the genders Difference in the gains in home value between the genders
10 or fewer $18,185 (7%) $6,226 (16%)
10-15 $38,872 (14%) $19,781 (20%)
More than 15 $48,746 (17%) $36,496 (21%)
TOTAL $26,132 (10%) $10,112 (16%)

A large part of the reason for this discrepancy: Because women earn less than men, they tend to buy lower-value homes, which tend to appreciate at a slower rate, says Daren Blomquist, senior vice president at RealtyTrac.

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