Wal-Mart offers customers a new opioid crisis solution: Get rid of old meds safely, at home, for free

One way an opioid addiction can start is in the medicine cabinet, where leftover medications from painful procedures can languish for months or years.

Now, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. WMT, -0.18% is offering a new kind of solution, with a free product that allows consumers to safely and conveniently throw out what’s left over of their medication.

The product, DisposeRx, consists of a small packet — around the size of flower food that typically accompanies a bouquet — that is dumped in a pill bottle with water and then shaken, turning the medication into a biodegradable gel.

Once turned into gel, leftover opioids can’t be abused, according to DisposeRx Chief Executive John Holaday.

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