Key Words: Trump ‘super un-pumped’ about Uber CEO leaving advisory council, Kalanick said

Then–Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick agreed to join the newly elected President Donald Trump’s business council early last year, before months of sordid revelations from his highly valued startup’s ethically questionable and cutthroat tactics. Amid backlash, Kalanick reluctantly called Trump and resigned, and told colleagues how the president reacted.

‘Kalanick emerged to tell his colleagues that the president was “super-unpumped.” ’


Soon, it was Kalanick who would be “un-pumped,” according to a blow-by-blow account of the former CEO’s downfall at Uber that was published online Thursday by Bloomberg Businessweek. The in-depth feature contains a number of behind-the-scenes accounts of the scandals that rocked Uber’s and Kalanick’s public images, exposing a “bro culture” that the infamously combative Kalanick brought into public view amid a series of scandals that led to his ouster.

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