Your Digital Self: China is becoming a space superpower, just like the U.S.

If you read my articles regularly, you’re probably familiar with the plans NASA and privately owned SpaceX have for the near future. We could land on the Moon again and create a stepping stone for an upcoming mission to Mars. Once on the red planet, astronauts would aim to set up a base, create colonies and eventually terraform the planet.

The U.S. isn’t the only country with this plan, however. Russia’s project starts with MARPOST, a manned orbital mission of the planet planned for 2021 (though it will send robots, not humans, to the surface). The European Space Agency’s lofty plans, named the Aurora program, include robotic exploration, proof-of-concept simulation of sustaining humans on Mars, and finally, a manned mission by 2033, though delays and modifications to the original vision means it’s unclear whether it will indeed result in human or robot-only exploration.

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