Key Words: Former Republican Party chief and seminarian Steele lays into Trump-backer evangelicals

Onetime Catholic seminarian Steele lashes out at evangelicals over Trump apologism.

Michael Steele, long before he served as lieutenant governor of Maryland or chairman of the Republican National Committee, was an Augustinian seminarian. He just didn’t sound like it late Wednesday on MSNBC, speaking to the evangelical Christians who’ve explicitly or implicitly extended to President Donald Trump a moral mulligan:

‘Just shut the hell up and don’t ever preach to me about anything ever again.’

Michael Steele

Conservative religious leaders — notably the Rev. Franklin Graham and Family Research Council head Tony Perkins — have of late stepped forward to explain how they’ve come to align so tightly with Trump and look past shortcomings in his own personal behavior, revealing that, to them, the relationship is transactional.

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