The Moneyist: I built a nest egg of $1 million from nothing — how do I make sure my kids benefit?

‘The ethics and etiquette of your financial affairs.’

Dear Moneyist,

Over the past 25 years, my wife, 47, and I, 46, have both held professional careers, making well above the average income. Our home, purchased in 1998 for $84,000, and after $50,000 plus of upgrades and additions, is valued at $185,000. We have invested our money, maxing out 401(k)s and IRAs (including Roth IRAs) when we could.

We have made investing mistakes, but learned from them. We have over $1 million in investments for ourselves, an additional $50,000 in investments for our two girls to be used for college.

We have made investing mistakes, but we have learned from them.

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