Earnings Watch: Alphabet earnings: Google hardware push should boost non-advertising business

At its core, Alphabet Inc. is a company driven by advertising, but executives have developed or acquired a substantial portfolio of other businesses that bet on different industries and will be especially important in its fourth-quarter earnings report.

For the most part, Alphabet’s GOOGL, -0.09%GOOG, -0.02% non-ad revenue is combined into one major line item: “Google Other.” It’s a broad category of business lines that include app-store revenue; sales of its own hardware, which Google refreshed at a San Francisco event in October; and Google Cloud Platform, which executives say is a big contributor.

Analysts polled by FactSet project the category will be a $14.2 billion business in 2017, up from $10.1 billion the year earlier, and rise to $18.42 billion in 2018.

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