Market Extra: EU’s tough new data rules spell pain for big companies — but a boost for this overlooked stock

Silicon Valley has a reputation as the world champ for innovation, while Brussels looks like a leader in regulation. In a twist, new regs from the European Union’s de facto capital could mean big profits for some tech-savvy companies.

For instance, the EU’s soon-to-hit General Data Protection Regulation ought to boost demand for London-based Beazley BEZ, -0.09% , which insures companies in the event of cyberattacks, according to bulls on the stock.

Beazley looks set for an ongoing lift as organizations around the globe try to guard against data breaches and related threats. It’s similar to how makers of security software have made more and more money by providing protection from hackers, leading investors to bet on funds like the ETFMG Prime Cyber Security exchange-traded fund HACK, -1.83% .

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