Weekend Sip: Going beyond bourbon: You can now buy ‘mixing water’ from Kentucky

The bottle: Old Limestone mixing water, $6.99 per liter bottle

The back story: We all know Kentucky for its bourbon, but what about its “mixing water”? Yes, a pair of bourbon-loving entrepreneurs, Doug Keeney and Barry Gluck, are marketing an H20 that comes straight from the Bluegrass State, sold through liquor and other specialty stores and online.

The idea, they say, is that a splash of water or a little ice goes a long way to making bourbon taste better. But wouldn’t it make sense for the water (or the ice made from said water) to also come from Kentucky? Gluck, a management consultant by trade, makes the point that their Kentucky-sourced water is especially clean — it’s naturally filtered — but has hints of calcium and magnesium.

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