Outside the Box: How consumer companies can thrive in the age of millennials

One of the most popular toys on the market this past holiday season was something called L.O.L. Surprise! The line of small dolls that children can collect and dress in various outfits flew off the shelves.

But the unique thing about the dolls isn’t what they wear, but how they are packaged. Rather than a typical box, each doll comes inside a large plastic ball that contains up to a dozen layers of different “surprises,” including stickers, charms, outfits and other accessories.

The experience of opening this package is a large part of the appeal. Videos of exhilarated children opening each ball are generating millions of views on YouTube, which is also integrated into their brand site and has all manner of interactive features, printouts and “collectibles,” bolstered by the highly downloaded “L.O.L.

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