Key Words: Sorry, Laura Ingraham; LeBron James isn’t taking your advice

Fox News host Laura Ingraham went off the other night on NBA superstar LeBron James for “talking politics again — and this time it’s R-rated,” expressing disdain for athletes and other celebrities who refuse to, in the common phrase, stay in their lane (as well as for, it seemed from her gestures and expressions, ESPN and the podcasting medium).

James, in an ESPN DIS, +1.28% web series called “Rolling With the Champion,” said President Donald Trump doesn’t understand the people or “even give a f— about the people.”

“Gripping insight,” Ingraham intoned.

Fox News/Twitter
‘Must they run their mouths like that?’

Kevin Durant, a fellow guest on the episode, which transpires in a vehicle piloted through the snowy streets of James’s native Akron, Ohio, by host Cari Champion, suggested that if the U.S.

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