New Hulu drama ‘The Looming Tower’ ‘breaks new ground’ examining causes of 9/11

From “United 93” to “Zero Dark Thirty”, films and TV series about the 9/11 attacks haven’t exactly been uncommon.

But the makers of Hulu’s new TV limited mini-series “The Looming Tower”, focusing on the causes and consequences of 9/11 and examining the lives of prominent players in the tragedy, are claiming their drama brings a fresh approach to the subject.

Based on Lawrence Wright’s 2006 Pulitzer-winning book of the same name, “The Looming Tower” features many of the people profiled in the book including John O’Neill, an FBI agent, who left the organization to become head of security at the World Trade Center- played by Jeff Daniels-, White House counter-terrorism chief Richard Clarke (Michael Stuhlbarg) and former CIA Director George Tenet (portrayed by Alec Baldwin).

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