Key Words: Forget inflation — worry about what happens when this ‘Goldilocks’ era ends, says Ray Dalio

Investors are fretting about whether inflation pressure will push the Federal Reserve into stepping up the pace of interest-rate rises — but that’s not what’s niggling at Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund.

The Bridgewater Associates co-chief investment officer said Tuesday he’s not too fussed about the current fears over rising inflation, but instead worries about what’s going happen when the current “Goldilocks” scenario ends.

“You never get [inflation] perfect, but it’s pretty good. So no I’m not particularly concerned. What I am concerned about is as we go into the later parts of the cycles, the challenge of central banks will be to get it perfectly [right]”

Ray Dalio, founder and CIO of Bridgewater Associates

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