Companies are talking more about their climate-change risks, but it’s not much help to investors — so far

The number of companies including disclosures on climate-change risk in their financial reporting is growing, but many are using vague, boilerplate language that falls short of really helping investors make decisions.

That’s one conclusion from a new report by the sustainability-focused nonprofit Ceres titled “Turning Point: Corporate Progress on the Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability.” The report seeks to measure the progress made by more than 600 of the biggest listed companies in the U.S. in meeting goals on reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, managing water resources, protecting the rights of their workers, and embracing diversity and inclusion.

“We’re looking at how companies are readying themselves for a future with unprecedented environmental and social challenges, and how they are making commitments and driving resource allocation,” Ceres director Kristen Lang told MarketWatch.

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