Asia Markets: Asian markets bounce back, though worries remain post-Cohn

Asia-Pacific stocks rebounded solidly Thursday, as markets in the U.S. and Europe stabilized overnight following weakness sparked by top White House economic adviser Gary Cohn’s resignation.

Stock prices have been swinging up and down this week as investors have tried to gauge what action will come from recent U.S. protectionist rhetoric.

Hong Kong stocks, which have seen some of the week’s biggest declines, saw the largest morning gain at nearly 1.5% for the Hang Seng HSI, +1.42% . Index heavyweights including Tencent 0700, +1.70% saw rebounds of at least 2%.

Most regional benchmarks were at least 0.5% higher by midday Thursday, with Taiwan Y9999, +0.73% , New Zealand NZ50GR, +0.90% and Singapore STI, +0.61% up almost 1%.

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