Paul Brandus: Why working for Trump turns out to be such a bad career move

Getty Images
Gary Cohn (right) announced he was leaving the White House.

A few months after being fired as White House communications director—after just ten days on the job—Anthony Scaramucci told me that working in the Trump White House was like a bad airplane flight. “Lots of turbulence, plus the passengers are knifing one another while the plane is bouncing up and down.”

Gary Cohn, who just parachuted from that plane after 13 months as President Trump’s top economic advisor, will likely be less outspoken about his short and unhappy White House tenure. But the story’s the same: Trump, a reality-show president, brings people onto “Survivor” island, plays them off against each other, humiliates them and in the end, tosses them out like used kleenex.

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